Customers drive through a Walgreens parking lot at one of the Jackson, Miss., pharmacies, June 25, 2019, file photo. Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. said it will close 157 of its retail clinics by the end of the year as it focuses on cutting cots and expanding other retail partnerships, (Photo: Rogelio V.Solis, AP, File)

Walgreens accounted October 28, 2019, the planned closing of 157 retail clinics nationwide

The 157 clinics represents all but a handful that will remain. The reason sites in the press release, consumers are electing Telehealth providers over going to even the walk-in structured retail clinics.

The closure of these clinics would seem to be in-line with the overall shift that is starting to occur with patients migrating from not only urgent care and these types of walk-in clinics such as Walgreens but also primary care as well.

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