Telemedicine History, Definitions and Reference

What is Telehealth, What is telemedicine

Telemedicine History, Definitions and Reference An introductory guide for those new to Telemedicine What is Telemedicine? “The delivery of health care services, where distance is a critical factor, by all health care professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and injuries, research and […]

Washington State Telehealth

Washington Telehealth Laws

The State of Washington State Legislature passed The bill passed the full legislature on Monday. This bill is actually part of a series of bills related to Telehealth that were introduced in 2019 SB 5358 requires health plans to pay the same rate for services provided in-person and via-telemedicine. Another bill passed SB 5387-2019-20 Concerning […]