How to do Telehealth

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Providers and patients recognize the value of virtual care. But, how to do Telehealth can be a bit daunting to anyone at first.

Telemedicine and Its Role in Contemporary Gynecology

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Contemporary gynecologic practices and the role Telemedicine will play today and the future.

Whether they know it or not, most gynecologists have practiced a form of telemedicine in the past, such as by taking phone calls from patients asking for medication refills. In these cases, physicians have either acquiesced and called pharmacies to refill the medications or denied the requests and suggested to patients that they make an appointment and receive a new prescription. The latter action will probably not endear patients, especially millennials, to a gynecologist.

Washington State Telehealth

Washington Telehealth Laws

The State of Washington State Legislature passed The bill passed the full legislature on Monday. This bill is actually part of a series of bills related to Telehealth that were introduced in 2019 SB 5358 requires health plans to pay the same rate for services provided in-person and via-telemedicine. Another bill passed SB 5387-2019-20 Concerning […]

Telehealth Urgent Care Healthcare

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Telehealth Urgent Care Center health provides for a confidential way for people to see a licensed Physician for many other day-to-day health issues.

Telehealth in the NICU

  Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic has developed a robust NICU Telemedicine program since their start 6 Years ago Approximately 1 in 1,000 newborns will require advanced resuscitation after delivery. When these high-risk deliveries occur in a regional referral center such as Mayo Clinic, newborn outcomes can be optimized under the care of a multidisciplinary team […]