Keeping up with the ever changing, yet improving, rules for reimbursement for telehealth services is challenging even for the savviest of the provider. Depending on where your patients live, or the physical location of the provider is located, the reimbursement regulations probably have completely changed from just a year ago.

What was not a reimbursable event in 2018 may today be something a provider can bill. Across the nation, Medicare, Commercial and Medicaid has seen some major improvements demonstrating that telehealth is being considered as a viable, clinically sound platform to treat patients. With all of these changes, how can a practice stay abreast and bill appropriately?  Here are some helpful hints that hopefully will ease the pain of this complex issue.

Connect with your local regional telehealth resource center

Many providers are not aware of the many non-profit or government entities that are available and specifically focused on supporting providers in telehealth adoption.  These provider support entities are well versed in both State and Federal guidelines for telehealth and should be on every provider’s bookmarks.

Check out these links to find a non-biased telehealth answers to even the most complex questions.

Connect with your State and National Trade Organizations



Subscribe to a few telemedicine focused Blogs

Besides the Drexly Health Blog, Newsletter Sign-Up, any of the above website all provide regular valuable content for any type of providers.  Especially, the ones that are focused in your region.

As well I found the  Official Website of The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) to be an excellent resource to stay abreast of federal changes that impact telehealth