In another words, if KY Medicaid considers Telehealth services typical that a PCP, a Psychiatrist, a Counseling group, substance abuse disorder or behavioral health to have identical authorization and payment rates as if the provider and patient visit was done in the traditional brick and mortar office. Now a patient can be located anywhere in the State of Kentucky and access their provider thru a HIPAA compliant secure Telehealth platform on their computer, IPad or Smartphone and it is as if they were in the provider offices

Telehealth Payment Parity – (i.e., that reimbursement rates for a service delivered via telehealth are equal to rates paid for the identical service delivered in-person) is an essential issue for lawmakers considered when drafting and evaluating a proposed telehealth coverage bill, or when revisiting a previously-enacted coverage law. And the Kentucky lawmakers did just that!

Kentucky health care providers and patients have recently had major barriers to access lifted with the passage of SB 112 which established Telehealth Benefit parity with the States Medicaid program and requires Health Plans to have their commercial products to follow the same guidelines for payment and authorization purposes.

This groundbreaking law allows Kentucky residents to receive Telemedicine care by KY providers not only anywhere in the world.

The new law has only been effective for 4 months and with any new change comes some growing pains. For example, providers are required to have a minimum amount of CEUs in Telehealth by the end of the year and Masters levels Counselors (LMFTs, LCSWs) must be fully licensed and not be “in-training”.