Drexly Telehealth Provider Manual

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This provider manual will go thru all of the major functionality of the DRexly products.  Depending on what Platform you have purchased or options some of this may not be relevant to your subscription.  We have tried to note that whenever that is the case.

Also, these instructions are written for set-up on your computer.  The DRexly Provider Messenger App for your iPad, Android, or iPhone smartphones will also have the same user name and password as your account. 

We have found the best “training” is to practice with it.  Setting up a “Mock” patient and using the system a few times will help learn this very self-intuitive system.  This is why we provide live-onboarding and ongoing live customer support.  In addition to guides like the Telehealth Provider Manual and Videos demonstrating the system.

Telehealth Training Manual

Telehealth - Things To Get Started

To enjoy the best experience on DRexly, make sure you have:

  • Internet access (minimum of 200 kbps for upload and download).  Most DSL, cable internet type of broadband connection is more than enough
  • Webcam or built-in camera

Microphone and speakers

Once you have everything you need, close all other video conferencing programs, such as:

  • WebEx
  • Skype
  • GoToMeeting

These programs can NOT be on and will interfere while trying to use interfere with DRexly Telehealth. To close these programs, locate them on the “System Tray” located at the bottom-right corner of your computer. Right-click on the icon (Skype for example) then select “Quit”.

Make sure you are using a supported browser. DRexly for your computer works on:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (9.0 or later) – the flash player must be installed
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version) – except iOS and Android
  • Safari (latest version) – please don’t use private mode
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Internet Browser – default browser on some Android devices

Provider Log-In and Set-Up

When you signed up with Drexly you should have received an email with the following information:

Example Simple Patient Landing Pages https://drexlyplus.vsee.me//DrHaden

Example #2 Simple Patient Landing Page


It is strongly recommended that you bookmark both of this website to your browser favorites or a place you will easily remember each of them.

For first time users: If you haven’t logged into DRexly you will want to click on “FORGOT PASSWORD” to set your own personal password.

Profile Set-up and Setting Preferences
  • Profile Set-up –
    • Click on  “Your Provider Name Upper Right”
      • “Profile” Button to enter in information about yourself
      • Photo – Upload your picture
    • Preferences – This will allow you to set appointment reminders and alert you to patients in the waiting room

Setting up Stripe Account

Setting Up a Stripe Account –

In order to fully activate your user profile, you must first have a Stripe Account connected

After signing into your account clinic on the “My Clinic” button under your profile (see picture to left)

  • Sign-up Directly with Stripe
    • Go to www.stripe.com and set up your account directly
    • Once complete then click on Blue “Connect Stripe Account
  • If you do not have a Stripe Account
    • Simply click on the Blue “Connect Stripe Account” button and it will walk you thru and securely set-up

Dashboard Tab

  • Provider Dashboard Tab – (Note this is also functions as the virtual waiting room)
  • Patients Tab –
    • My Patients: To view your entire patient’s list
    • All Visits – To see history of all visits activity (both complete and canceled)
  • Calendar Tab (not available on QuickStart)

Inviting a new patient

Ways to Invite or connect a patient –

  • Click on the “Invite Patient ” Button
    • This button is on almost every screen of DRexly
  • Give Patient Your Room Code – During signup, every patient is given a room code.  You can find it by simply clicking on “Invite Patient”  If the patient knows the room code they can log in to the system and select you as their  provider
  • Post Link DRexly Telehealth System
    • You can simply post a link to your customized website address on your website or email it to your patients

Virtual Waiting Room Patient
(the Dashboard for Provider)

Patients Tab

  • Patients Tab –
    • My Patients: To view your entire patients’ list
    • All Visits – To see history of all visits activity (both complete and canceled)

Calendar Tab (not available on QuickStart)

Calendar Tab

  • Create Open Times to see Visits
  • Schedule Patients in the future
  • Walk-In Hours can be used during open visits time
  • Patients Tab –
    • My Patients: To view your entire patients’ list
    • All Visits – To see history of all visits activity (both complete and canceled)

How to start a video call or send a message


Please call us for any questions at 866-210-2298 or email at info@drexly.com.

We appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative so that we can improve the materials for training all of our provider partners