Provider Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

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    Top 6 Things Providers Need to Consider when purchasing a Telehealth platform

    Is DRexly HIPAA Compliant?

    Yes – All DRexly products are secured with Military level 256-bit encryption and is HIPAA compliant.

    Protection of Patient Health Information (PHI) is vital for our customers.  All providers, no matter what Telehealth Platform they choose must mandate the vendor to provide them with a Business Associate Agreement.

    Check out our article on HIPAA Compliance here


    Can I do Live Video & Audio?

    Yes – Along with being able to see your patients via real-time video & Audio you also can include others to the visit as well.

    Many providers find that being able to include a family member in a visit is essential. Simply send the family an invite to register with the system and when the appointment starts add them with your patient


    What about File Sharing?

    Yes – All DRexly products provide a secure, HIPAA compliant, way for providers and patients to send files to each other.

    In addition, the patient and provider can send any forms or files to the other prior to or after the appointment.

    An email notification is sent as well to alert you that a file has been received so that it can be reviewed and downloaded after logging into the system.


    Is There a Scheduling Tool?

    Yes – A full scheduling system comes standard with DRexly.  This system allows providers to schedule patients as well as establish “walk-in” time slots if they choose.

    For patients, they are able to log in and schedule themselves directly with their provider.

    Both provider and patient receive appointment reminders via email and SMS Text when the appointment is made, 10 minutes prior, as well as notices if an appointment is canceled or changed

    Secure Online Credit Card Processing?

    Yes – Our DRexly Plus product allows for the provider to set-up to receive secure payments from their patients.

    Is there Secure 2-Way Messaging?

    Yes – All DRexly products come standard with secure 2-way messaging functionality. 

    Both providers and patients can even receive messages if they are offline and will be notified via email that a message has been sent to them so that they can log in and view it.

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