Consumer Technology Association - An organization making improvements in healthcare for both patients and providers.

If you have never heard of the Consumer Technology Association then you’re not alone. But the CTA is making huge strides in improving for both patients and providers Telehealth connected care technology. CTA, a collaborative of nearly two dozen telehealth technology companies, is joining forces to develop Telehealth Connected Care Technology Standards.

Telehealth Training Manual

The CTA‘s project aims to create a more significant profile for Telehealth connected care technology tools that often replace or are used along with pharmacological interventions, such as medicines. CTA essentially defines these as digital tools that use software applications to enhance clinician determination-making, improve the dose and delivery of other medical treatment methods by observing patient data in real-time, or function as a separate intervention.

Telehealth Connected Care Technology

Telehealth connected care technology backers see this emerging field as an opening to enhance remote patient monitoring and at home-based care and reduce the need for costly clinic appointments and possibly addictive drugs. Examples of Telehealth connected care technology include Substance Abuse Treatment and therapy platforms, Telemedicine mobile apps, wearables, and virtual reality treatments.

Telemedicine Technology for Connected Care a growing trend

“There are vast opportunities to innovate in this space to improve patient outcomes and lower costs,” Kerri Haresign, the organization’s director of technology and standards, said in a press release. “But to increase use and adoption, we need to document a common understanding of the technology. The group will also focus on distinguishing between general digital health technology and technology used for intervention.”

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, we see faster innovation across all aspects of digital health including digital therapeutics,” included Consumer Technology Association CEO, Gary Shapiro. “This field takes the application of technology beyond just wellness tracking. Businesses are now developing solutions that can manage pain, allergies, and even address mental health problems. As more people take control of their health in the comfort and safety of their homes, we must understand what this technology means and how to advance its adoption.”

Consumer Technology Association and the annual CES Convention in Las Vegas

The Consumer Technology Association, which holds the colossal CES conference every January in Las Vegas (the 2021 version will be virtual), has taken several steps in recent years to boost patient-focused Telehealth connected care technology tools and services to close the disparity between commercial and clinical adoption.

In April, the organization partnered with the American Telemedicine Association to release the Digital Health Care Directory, a telemedicine technology company database for consumers and providers looking for resources during the coronavirus pandemic. As well in July 2020, the CTA launched the Public Health Tech Initiative, a workgroup aimed at establishing new chances for the use of consumer technology in dealing with public emergencies like the COVID-19 crisis, weather disasters, or major earthquakes.

Besides advocating for Telehealth connected care technology, they have also published digital health guidelines for artificial intelligence (AI) and physical activity and stress observing performance requirements in healthcare.