How Does Telehealth Work and How Can It Benefit Me?

How can Telehealth Benefit Me?

Telehealth technological advancements have caused all aspects of life to evolve. But many ask how does Telehealth work and how can it benefit me? This is a common question for not just patients but doctors and other healthcare providers alike.

Digital Therapeutics Standards

Telehealth Connected Care Technology

If you have never heard of the Consumer Technology Association then you’re not alone. But the CTA is making huge strides in improving for both patients and providers Telehealth connected care technology.

Top 5 Mental Health tips for providers COVID-19

mental health, health Care STRESS

Here are 5 ways for physicians and other providers to cope during this difficult time. Mental health is one of the most important healthcare topics. Since individuals in the healthcare industry are the first line of defense against infection.

Telemedicine and Its Role in Contemporary Gynecology

Provider Telehealth Online

Contemporary gynecologic practices and the role Telemedicine will play today and the future.

Whether they know it or not, most gynecologists have practiced a form of telemedicine in the past, such as by taking phone calls from patients asking for medication refills. In these cases, physicians have either acquiesced and called pharmacies to refill the medications or denied the requests and suggested to patients that they make an appointment and receive a new prescription. The latter action will probably not endear patients, especially millennials, to a gynecologist.